Saturday, March 16, 2013

Indoor Regionals

Tweets in reverse chronological order, the important thing is that I got a really shitty injury when some kid kneed my in my calf/tibia.

  1. My battery died, so did my calf, and so did the team. Ohfer in the bracket and our "season" ends with
  2. I took a knee to the calf () and may be out of commission. Two byes and then the bracket
  3. We put the wheels back on and take half 6-3, win 15-8
  4. Even worse, somehow: 5-13 half and 10-18 game
  5. That sucked. 3-8 at half to 6-17 against a team that was much taller than ours
  6. I keep throwing perfect hucks to women...if we were outdoors
  7. Shramko & Co. go 5-4 for half and 13-11 for the win against "Alvin and the Chiphucks"
  8. I don't think so, but maybe on the website? IUC or something
  9. Shramko & Co. picks it up from 9-5 at half to 20-8 against an unknown team, lots of Booya jerseys
  10. After coming back from 6-9 at half, Shramko and Co. tie it at 13s before falling 13-15 to "Force" in our first game of

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